New Track ‘ Frayed’ Released in U.S.

B&BA couple of years back, we met some lovely people in Portsmouth, USA who housed us, fed us and played a brilliant show with us. There was such an amazing community feel and it turns out this also crosses over into the Burst & Bloom Record label with a real collective feeling to it. We’ve kept in touch, each contributing to various projects. For the labels 50th release, we were invited to contribute a cover from their back catalogue. We chose ‘Frayed’ by Guy Capecelatro III, which was a touching tribute to his dying wife Pam. Very sadly, Pam passed away recently and we felt it a fitting tribute to record the song. You can listen to the compilation here.



Very pleased to share a wee filmed session we did back in 2015 in Youngstown, Ohio. Had so much fun doing this and had the pleasure of Viking Moses perform with us on drums. Big thanks to Sam Goodwill and Historian Recording Co. Check it out here. Hopefully have lots of news soon as we come to the end of making our second album.

True North Festival

This is going to be amazing. Not only is getting to support Richard Hawley an absolute honour but to play at the beautiful His Majesties Theatre will be amazing. Best Girl Athlete has played most venues in Aberdeen but HMT is one that musical performers rarely get the chance to play at.tnrichardhawley

Edinburgh Fringe Shows


Huge thanks to all who came along to the shows in Edinburgh last week, it was a great experience and a good chance to play some of the new songs that will appear on the forthcoming album. Now looking forward to the Richard Hawley show at His Majesties Theatre, Aberdeen next month!

New Album News

We have long been waiting to see the outcome of a funding application to Creative Scotland for album funding and would you believe that they only went and gave us it! Only catch is that they specify that the new album has to be really really really good. We’ll see what we can do and will keep everyone posted as things progress! Should say that the new tracks are written and sound great…yay!!!Katie

Confirmed Shows

Fringe_Programme_Cover_2016-700x455So very very excited that we will be playing a few Edinburgh Fringe Shows this year. There will be 3pm and 6pm shows on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th August at The Edinburgh Academy Tickets are available here for both dates.

Also playing a show with Richard Hawley at His Majesties Theatre on Saturday 24th September as part of the True North Festival in Aberdeen. Tickets can be bought here.